Your Home Sold by Christine TatroYour Agent Matters!

Not all agents and companies are the same. The amount you pay, the length of your contract, and the service you receive when selling your home can vary greatly from agent to agent and company to company.

An agent that has the perfect combination of expertise, professional competence and personality may be a perfect fit.  If you agree, Here is my first piece of advice for you…

The are two things that absolutley MUST To happen in order to sell a home in todays challenging market. Stay tuned for my video that will explain that in detail. In the meantime, CALL ME!

Before you put your home on the market, be sure to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

Other Questions you may want to ask:

1. How many homes do you sell each year in my neighborhood?

2. What strategies will you use to find a buyer for my home?

3. How will you help me determine the correct asking price for my home?

4. What type of communication can I expect from you?

5. what is the absorption rate in my neighborhood?

Todays real estate world is fast-paced. That’s why I use leading-edge technology and information systems to propel my clients homes to the forefront.

A strategic approach can make the difference between a quick sale and no sale.

Here are some of my techniques:

I target the types of buyers most likely to want your home.

I create a custom marketing plan that advertises your home like no other agent can!

I advise which home repairs,  improvements and staging techniques that will maximize your selling price.

Call me for a free analysis of your property and/or future goal setting. Its never to early to get the right agent on your side!

Christine Tatro